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Speech & Language Therapy Resources

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Hey Moms, Dads & Fellow SLPs!

Trust me, I know we are all still adjusting to this new normal. Luckily the world of speech-language pathology has been trending virtual in the last few years in order to ensure that those most in need of services can receive them regardless of location. Free and low-cost speech-language therapy resources are truly just a click away. There are apps and websites, printable and downloadable worksheets and so many fun activities out there. My Speechee, along with so many speech therapists around the country, are now able to offer engaging, fun and effective individual and group speech therapy online.

Below, check out our list of speech and language resources. This is a pretty extensive list, but please don't feel overwhelmed. Have questions? Need some specific advice regarding your little one? Want to learn more about our teletherapy services? Send us an email!

We are all in this together, and from My Speechee to you and your family, we hope you stay well and keep on smiling.

Speech, Language and Literacy Learning Resources

TeachersPayTeachers - Loads of free downloadable worksheets and activities covering all aspects of speech and language. - Free handouts for countless topics related to speech and language, as well as speech and language games. Some of the boardgames can be pricey, but Zulily often runs sales on Super Duper products.

Speech & Language Kids - A great website with free activities for both parents and therapists.

Starfall - Covers lots of subjects, not just speech & language related.

Vooks & Youtube both offer read along options for popular books.



Khan Academy



Enchanted Learning- currently free

Highlights Kids


Great Speech Therapist Blogs & Websites:

Playingwithwords365 - SLP mom with lots of great content

Socialthinking - Michelle Garcia Winner's incredible resource for social skills

My Munch Bug - Melanie Potock picky eating expert


Caroline Bowen - articulation and phonology

Apps for Articulation

Articulation Flip Book (free)

Quick Artic (free)

Articulation Carnival (free; requires in-app purchase)

Artik Pix (free; requires in-app purchase)

Phonics Studio ($1.99)

Articulation Station (free; requires in-app purchase)

Webber Photo Artic Castle (free; requires in-app purchase)

Speech with Milo: Articulation ($6.99; may require in-app purchase)

/r/ Intensive ($19.99)

All About Sounds ($1.99)

Speech Hangman ($4.99 + in-app purchase for specific sounds)

Articulation Scenes ($29.99)

Articulation Games ($34.99)

Tic-Tac-Talk ($4.99 + in-app purchase for specific sounds)

Apps for Language

Homophones (free)

Touch the Sound (free)

Book Creator

Comparative Adjectives (free)

Let's Name Things Fun Deck (free)

Same Sound Spell Bound - homophones ($0.99)

Noodle Words HD ($2.99)

Magical Concepts ($4.99)

More Fun with Directions ($15.99)

Categories Learning Center ($9.99)

Things That Go Together ($0.99)

House of Learning ($6.99)

Preposition Remix ($9.99)

Auditory Workout ($19.99)

Splingo's Language Universe ($2.99)

Rainbow Sentences ($7.99)

Describe It SLP ($8.99)

Language Adventures ($14.99)

Wh- Question Cards (free; requires in-app purchase required for more cards)

Compare & Contrast Fun Deck ($3.99)

Speech With Milo (there are several different Milo apps - verbs, sequencing, prepositions, feelings, adjectives; most range from $.99-2.99)

Sentence Builder: Teen ($5.99)

My Playhome (currently free - there are a variety of My Playhome apps )

Pragmatics - sign up for a free trial. Also free if your SLP has access.

Model Me Kids free through April 15th


The Stuttering Foundation


Teachers Pay Teachers, Free Handout

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